DJ Jazz

DJ Jazz was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. I started out being a DJ at the age of 13 doing house parties in South Philadelphia. As time went on I got with a guy name Grand Master Nell and started doing block parties all over Philadelphia. Through that I met up with Mike Elliot who was signed with Slice Records and I was able to scratch on his recordings.
Because of all the parties and Dj’ing I was doing all over the city I began making a name for myself and meeting people. I had some friends name Robbie B & MC Ceaser who was rappers and I started getting into music production and learning how to do music so we started working together as a team. It led us into recording some music that rang a buzz to some of the locals. We ended up meeting Hiriam Hicks and Wendy Clark aka Lady B and they produced a record we did called Getting Fresher.  That ended up getting me a DJ’ing job on WDAS Radio Station Called The Rap Digest for Mimi Brown.Soon after Robbie B and I put out our own record called Rock the Go Go which was a Philly town favorite. It was released on an independent label and only a few people had independent records out at that time like Schooly D, MC Breeze, and Jazzy Jeff.  This led To Robbie B and me getting our first record deal with Ruffhouse Records and putting out our first album.
All of this led me to meet and tour as a producer and DJ with artist from every genre of music such as club singer Safire, Pops Cool Love, Grand Puba, Fishbone, Bahamadia, Ill advised and the Rebel Rasheed, and Remix Boom Shake the Room for Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff in which I received a Gold single and a Platinum album. I also produced a rap song for the Harlem Globetrotters for the Wide World of Sports on ABC.

  • Boom! Shake The Room (Street Remix) 

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Code Red (11 versions)

Jive 1993
  • Boom! Shake The Room (Street Remix)

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Boom! Shake The Room (13 versions)

Jive 1993

Instruments & Performance

Fishbone - Fight The Youth (CD, Single, Promo)

Columbia 1991

Jewel-T - Driftin' (2 versions)

Danger Zone Records (2) 1995
  • Psycho City Blocks/Psycho Interlude

Psycho Realm - The Psycho Realm (4 versions)

Ruffhouse Records 1997

Psycho Realm - Psycho City Blocks (3 versions)

Ruffhouse Records 1997


Too Brown featuring Prime Minister Dope - Erie Avenue Is The Promised Land (12", Single)

Vibe 1989

Robbie B. And D.J. Jazz* - Heart Of South Philly (12")

Ruffhouse Records (3) 1989

Too Brown - Takin' No Shorts (LP)

Vibe 1989

Robbie B & DJ Jazz* - Funk It Up (12")

Ruffhouse Records (3) 1990

Jewel T* - County Blues (12")

Hip Hop Recordings 1993

Pauly Yams* & DJ Jazz - When I Blow Up (12", EP)

Rare Form Entertainment 1995

Rahsheed - East Wild West (12")

Quake City Records 1996

Ill Advised* - Through The Eye (12")

Quake City Records 1996

Ill Advised* - Can You Smell It (CD, Album)

Quake City Records 1997

Rahsheed - Wasabi (CD)

Quake City Records 1997

Werd Of Mouph - Show Da World (Blowin Up) (12")

Werd Of Mouph 1997

Ill Advised* - Names / Encore (12", Pro)

Quake City Records 1997

Posse-O - It`s Up To You... (12")

Big Tab Music Ltd. 1997

Rahsheed - Never Put U Down (12")

Quake City Records 1997

High & The Mighty, The* - It's All For You / Hands On Experience / Cranial Lumps (12")

Eastern Conference 1997
  • Sun, Moon & Stars

Various - Superrappin - The Album (2 versions)

Groove Attack Productions 1999

Luccabrocci - South Philly Thugs / Stacks Of Greenbacks Pt. II (12")

Showtyme Records 1999

High & Mighty* - Sun, Moon, & Stars / The Conflict (12")

Hydra Entertainment 1999

Rasheed* & Ill Advised* - Internal Affairs / (Remix) (12")

Quake City Records 1999
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